Russian version


«Britannia» boots

Model: 120

Sizes: 39 - 47


«Crosser» boots

Model: 756

Sizes: 36 - 45


"Suvorov" boots

Model: 111К

Sizes: 40 - 45


"Commander" boots

Model: 333

Sizes: 40 - 45

Alpinist footwear factory – footwear for military units, hunters, employees of industrial enterprises and active people

Alpinist footwear factory is a leading manufacturer of specialized leather footwear. The modern models have been developed for use in extreme conditions, including combat conditions. The reliable military footwear for interior troops and special units of the defense ministry – genuine army boots – has been tested numerous times, both in the laboratory and in real situations. The combat boots were highly valued by soldiers of the Petersburg SWAT who took part in military conflicts in the North Caucasus. The special SWAT boots were tested in open rough terrain in adverse weather conditions.

The Alpinist footwear factory has competed in and won tenders and competitions for supplying military uniforms for the state needs of the Russian Interior Ministry. Special army footwear is an important element of equipment, and there can be times when a soldier’s health and even life depends on its quality.

The “Alpine – force” range of special footwear is designed for professionals of military structures of the Interior Ministry, soldiers of the Defense Ministry and border troops, rescuers of the Emergency Services Ministry, soldiers of special divisions of the Federal Security Service, the Main Directorate of Corrections of the Justice Ministry, the Finance Ministry of customs bodies, collection services, military cadets, and employees of security divisions.

The “Alpine – hunter” series is footwear for hunters: professional rangers and amateurs. The factory also manufactures the “Alpine – oilfield” work boots for the oil and gas complex, iron and steel works, the construction industry and other industrial sectors.

For active leisure and tourism, we offer the “Alpine – action” collection. It has proved its worth in both urban conditions (icy roads, melting snow, chemically active solvents, salt, fuel and lubricants etc.), and in rugged terrain.

All the footwear manufactured by the Alpinist factory is made using the finest modern materials and assembled according to the latest technology. The footwear is made strictly according to approved technical specifications or state standards, which guarantees that customers can expect high quality and a long  period of use.